Cape Town, S Africa Day 1

After a quite comfortable 11+ hour flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Cape Town, I was met at the airport by a friend who was eagerly waiting to show me her great city!  What a fun filled afternoon of sightseeing, wine and food!

A beautiful drive along the lush mountainside that led to a breathtaking valley where we stopped for a little bit of wine tasting at Stark Conde winery.  Wine tastings are in a large open air gazebo in the middle of large pond facing high rock faced cliffs.  Our next stop was Root 44 Market, an expansive outdoor market on the grounds of Audacia Wine Farm.  The market has everything from local wares, locally grown food, wines, cheeses and to all types of carry out food.  I wanted something local so I was told that I had to have a Bunny Chow.  I know, but it wasn’t Thumper, I promise!  It was a hollowed out half a loaf of bread and you could choose what curry you wanted to fill it with – I chose Indian Butter Chicken.  The lady behind the counter told me she was making it with love and that she did!  It was absolutely fantastic!  Of course, the winery has a stand in the market as well and we had a wonderful new Merlot to go with our curry.  The bottle of wine was a whopping 7.00 US!

After a wander through the Market and of course, had to buy something local – a hand painted canvas drawing of a mom and baby elephant.  The weather was moving in and it was time for us to hit our next stop, a quaint little family owned winery, Somerbosch.   After a few tastings here, we did a bit more sightseeing around Cape Town and decided on an early dinner on the waterfront where we ate delicious cheeseburgers and listened to a country music singer singing Willie Nelson songs among others.  After such a long travel day(s) and the fun filled Saturday in Cape Town, I was ready to call it a day.  As tired as I was, I still woke up at midnight not being able to go back to sleep so I decided to write and do emails.  5 hours later, I am still up!  Need to try and rest as Sue is picking me up at 9 AM to go for 7K hike in the Nature Preserve.

Looking forward to the rest of the gang to arrive.

Stay tuned…..


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