Lions, Tigers and Sharks, OH MY!

And, my next adventure begins!  So far, so good except for leaving my passport and boarding passes in security in Charlotte!  I even was able to use a certificate to upgrade on the long haul flight on UA.  Now sitting in Frankfurt waiting for the next 12 hour, long haul flight into Cape Town.

This adventure is taking me to S Africa leading a group of dive shop owners through Cape Town for some (hopefully) Great White Shark encounters, both in cages as well as (again, hopefully) topside breaching activities.  We will tour Cape Town and even visit some wineries!  Ok, that one got my attention ;-).

After a few days in Cape Town, we will be heading to Durban and points north to dive the famous Aliwal Shoal area and get some Raggy action.  Then, off to Rock Tail Bay for a few more dives and then it’s Safari time!  Our Africa Tour rep has chosen some awesome places for us to experience so I don’t want to spoil anything so you will have to wait for the posts and images forthcoming in the next 2 weeks!


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