Malaysia bound part 2

The past few days have been pretty exciting.  The local diving on the house reef of Sipadan Water Village has been great with cuttlefish, house reef wrecks, critters, turtles, banded snake eels, mantis shrimp, crocodile fish and schooling fish.  There is unlimited diving on the house reef between 6 AM – 6PM.  Just let the dive masters know that you want to shore dive and all is set up for you to walk right off the dock.

We were off to Sipadan Island, approximately 25 minutes from the resort.  The visibility was great.  We cruised along the wall with countless turtles, white tips, grey reef sharks, schooling jacks of massive proportions not too mention loads of nudibranchs and tons of critters in the crynoids and sea fans.

3 dives at Sipadan Island with surface intervals spent on the island with snacks and lunch served under the shade of thatched roof huts complete with hot coffee and hot sea.  The turtles were amazing and were not phased by the divers.  They were resting in caves on the wall, cruising the wall, doing the dirty out in open water, munching on sponges, or just plain hanging out with us!

Back at the resort, we were back in time for even more diving and went for yet another shore dive before dinner.

Being here for Critters Gone Wild week, there are nightly presentations on photography, animal behavior and video editing (which I so desperately need).

Our dive times have been anywhere from 60 – 80 minutes!  As long as we had air and time, we have been in the water with the dive guides eager to find interesting critters to shoot.

Food has been great with buffet meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and at each meal there has been  live cooking stations.  Lot’s of fresh seafood, local fruit, meats, and fresh local vegetables.

Diving at Kapali tomorrow….25 minute  boat dive from the resort brought us to Kapali Resort house reef….sunken huts from the resort was a habitat for all kinds of critters.  Weren’t in the water for 10 minutes and our dive guide found us a flamboyant cuttlesfish who was too eager to please us posing for pictures.  Today, we had jawfish with mouth’s full of eggs, a huge octopus and numerous other critters that kept us occupied for yet another 80 minute dive!

I love the fact that dive masters are eager to please and even though during the briefing they say 60 minutes, i yet to have a dive less than 70 minutes.  Today, we actually did 3 dives that were almost 80 minutes each.  I don’t have any images from today but will post some soon!

Have a great day and wish you were here!





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