Malaysia Bound….

Flying somewhere over the South China Sea, I am on the last leg of my 30+ hour journey to a land unknown to me, Sipadan, Malaysia.

I left the East Coast of the US on Thursday morning and by my calculations it’s Friday evening on the East Coast as I write this…

Malaysia has been long on my bucket list but the opportunity had not presented itself until recently. For this trip, I will be staying at Sipadan Water Village. My choice of airlines was United via Narita and then All Nippon to Kuala Lumpur. I got a room for the night at the Sama Sama hotel which is connected to the airport on Level 2. When you walk out and towards the hotel, there are guys driving carts that will take you to the hotel and back to the airport for your departure flight. There is plenty to do in the airport if you don’t have to leave the secured area.


I arrived in Kuala Lumpur at midnight and my next connecting flight was at 7:30 AM. Since I had to collect my bags and go through Customs and Immigration and was not able tocheck my bagsto Tawau because the Malaysia Air counter wasn’t open, I made my way to Sama Sama hotel for the night.

Now, cruising at 35K feet somewhere over the South China Sea heading to Tawau awaiting my new adventure to begin and see what the underwater world of Sipadan has to offer.


Stay tuned….

Arrived in Tawau without any issues and my transfer was waiting for me as soon as I retrieved my luggage.   From the airport we headed to Semporna where I would be then be transferred to the resort by speed boat. The land transfer was approximately an hour through the interior. Arriving in Semporna, I was a bit taken back with the sea of shanty houses built on stilts that made up neighborhoods on the water. Some of them were just over the water’s edge while others were “out” in the water and waterways.


Soon, I was whisked away and we were headed for my home for the week. The boat ride was comfortable and it felt good to be outside rather than in a plane! As my destination became visible on the horizon, I noticed what seemed to be an oil rig right next to the resort then I remembered that it was a oil rig platform that was transformed into a stationary live-aboard, sort of speaking. After traveling for many hours across countless time zones, I had arrived!


Ok, I don’t think I will have a problem staying here for the week and this is my view from my open windows to the sea! Of course, I had to have a massage on my private deck after arriving to soothe the aches from 40 hours of traveling!IMG_4879

Life is good! Diving starts tomorrow so stay tuned…..




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