Really? It’s your first time to Bonaire?

The answer to that question is, YES, it is my first time to Bonaire! I really don’t want to embarrass myself any further (or date myself for that matter) but I was certified in 1984 and have been in the dive business since 1998 and I find myself on a plane as I type this heading south to the island of Bonaire for the first time! Yippee!

Since joining Deep Blue Adventures, we have sent hundreds of happy clients to Bonaire and they all come back with great memories, awesome dive stories, and they go on about the endless diving opportunities….so you want to dive at 2AM, you can! Also, having worked for Peter Hughes, for what now seems like an eternity ago, I heard all his wonderful stories (or I should say adventures) about Bonaire and always wanted to go to see and experience what all the hype was about but the opportunity never presented itself. Well, after many years, the opportunity did present itself and I am well on my way ;-).

I will be spending time with our good friends at Plaza, Divi and Buddy Dive as well as many site inspections around the island. It should make for a fun week as well as an invaluable educational experience for me in order to more effectively inform our clients what Bonaire has to offer.

And, I get a bonus!!! Deep Blue Adventures has 2 different groups and some individual travelers booked for the same time period so I get to dive with clients!

Watch for updates, images and posts throughout the week.

Happy Holiday Season to all and signing off for now from 35K feet!


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